Who needs a ball...

When my first daughter Kaelee was about 2 years old, she began acting out scenes from classic Disney stories and Cinderella was among the favorites. Her mother was commonly called upon to be the prince, fairy godmother and the like. It just so happens she played the same games with her mother as a child. This song was inspired by the strength of all the women in my life. Mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters...strong-independent women overcoming doubt, anxiety and fear to live as loving companions and dear friends. Now, Kaelee is all grown-up – beautiful, smart and independent. My second daughter, Nyla, who was 3 when I wrote this song and played the same game and sang this song at the top of her lungs, is blossoming into a talented young woman, too ...and the story goes on.

Cinderella © 2008 Wm. Dickson 

Hear ye, hear ye can there still be one to try this on 

A slipper made of pressed down sand a crystalline high heel 

Mother is grandma and so it is a fairy tale again 

Strong will and fortitude within these walls 

But now, the clock is chiming 


Cinderella where’s your fella has he run away 

You can’t find him you don’t need him least that’s what you say 

Cinderella I can tell your beauty lies within 

A pretty face, a sinless goddess you are better than most 

Who needs a ball, who needs a ball, Who needs a ball, who needs a ball 

Yes, there may be little ones who taunt you like they do 

Cruelness lurks when love is absent oh how it hurts 

Will those above you notice the things that shine and sparkle inside 

They will, just give them time 

But now, the clock is chiming 


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