About Bill Dickson ( & MTT )

Bill Dickson & MTT (Musical Think Tank) is a folk-pop/rock band performing and recording Bill's original music. His music speaks to the heart of concerns for the welfare of the individual and society. As a band, Bill Dickson & MTT has an ever-changing roster of performers. Approached in the true methodology of a Think Tank, Bill brings together the highest quality musicians lending their creative talents to Bill’s songs. 

Bill is a singer/songwriter and released his first album with composing and performing partner Bob Grahe in 1992. The album, self-titled Dickson & Grahe, features acoustic guitar, clean harmonies and raw guitar lines. This is an eclectic collection of styles and includes some of Bill’s earliest songs. In 1996, Bill’s second independent CD was released. Like Dickson & Grahe, "In Time" is acoustic based, but includes featured instruments from trumpet to piano, heavy percussion, four piece harmonies as well as a driving lead guitar. In 1998, Bill recorded "In Our World" under the Oarfin Records & DRAT Productions label. This album was recorded in an analog studio in Minneapolis. Once again, harmonies, lyrics and the lead guitar are in the forefront. In March 2001, Bill finished a project that was very important to him – "Embracing The Light". Inspired by his own father's plight, this album is dedicated to raising awareness for the issues concerning the homelessness and needy. Bill has worked for many years raising awareness for the issues that surround our homeless population. He founded Think About Them, Inc. which is a non-profit corporation formed to raise awareness and assist the homeless and needy. Gameology, a 6 song CD, was released in March 2009. The vigor and excitement of youth is captured in this music. Bill explores the place where dreams come alive and childhood imagination lives on. Currently, Bill is working on new material and is set to release individual songs very soon.

Bill also owns and operates DRAT Productions Studio (Dickson Recording And Talent). In addition to recording bands, teaching guitar, bass, voice lessons and conducting song writing camps, he travels around the country providing both onsite and online audio/video assistance for seminars and live events of all sizes.